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The Great Indian Kirana Store Phenomenon

The best information portal about indian kirana stores. Find best products that will help a small kirana store grow, get the most from brand building via indian kirana channel.

Ever Wonder why everyone wants a piece of Indian Kirana Stores? Why are global conglomerates fighting with each other to get a small pie of the Indian Kirana Stores that hold the Lion Share of 90% of India's Retail Business.

By mere understanding the small factor of scale of Indian Economy one can get to the fact that Indian Kirana Stores are the ones who have long way to go. Also called as Mom-Pop Stores the Indian Retails Business Sector is filled with small shops in every locality in India.

In major cities this could be more than one retail kirana store per 2000 people. Where as India's population is more than 1.35 Billion.

No doubt All companies want to get a piece of this large pie and some even trying hard to get whatever they can get their hands on.


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